Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Upholding and keeping the privacy of the customers is the top most priority of In every circumstance, protecting the data is our main motto. None of our customer would appreciate or want their details to fall in the hands of any third party by any chance. We ensure that we keep our promise that we have made to the customers about safeguarding their data. The privacy policy of our website throws light on how keep the data fed by you totally safe and also ensure at the same time that the data will not be shared with anyone. The privacy policy of our website is written in a very plain and simple language which is quite easy to understand. You can now shop on our website without any kind of worries as the data is completely safe in our hands.

No marketing emails: since our life has become too hectic now-a-days, we don’t even get the time to care for ourselves. In such situation, we do not disturb our customers with unwanted marketing emails and messages. We shall send only those emails which are related to the status of your ordered product. You may get emails that are related to launching of new products and latest discount offers.

Best security system: our website is fully secured with security system of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which captures the information given by the customers and keeps it completely safe and secure. Hence, the data cannot be accessed by any third-party.

No spam: As per our commitment, we promise that your data won’t be shared with any third-party and thus you won’t get any spam mail from them.

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