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Security Policy ensures that the data of the customer is fully protected by providing them creditable security in context of safeguarding the data and keeping it fully secure with us. While shopping online it is one of the biggest worry of the shoppers. For keeping the customer’s data completely safe and secure, we have opted for a highly advanced security system that helps in keeping the customer’s data fully safe which are given by them. The state of the art security system’s description is given below which is used by

Our entire website is protected with a layer of Secure Socket Layer or SSL that promises that his/her data will remain completely safe with us and it won’t be accessed by any third-party under any circumstances. The information provided by the customer such as phone number, email Id, mailing address, credit and debit card details will be kept with us for solely business purpose. 

This data shall not be shared with any third-party and hence you will never receive any spam mail. To make our security system impeccable we have installed an advanced of 3D-Secure/Verified-by-VISA compliant payment processor. By adopting advanced security measures of this process helps in protecting the entire transaction process.

This whole procedure is being administered by PCI compliant payment processor and the information provided by our esteemed customer and it is not recorded in our system at all. To tackle the threats online this processor endows excellent protection and this is why we have adopted this system to secure our customers details.

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